H E N R Y M A D E  B Y  H E N R Y Z H A N G 

Graduated from OCAD University in Environmental Design and a minor in Furniture Design, Henry Zhang is now a designer/ maker and a woodworker situated in Toronto.

He is currently a Sessional Instructor in OCAD University and the Shop manager and Fabrication director at 1Benmu Studio in Scarborough, Toronto. 

Henry believes that each piece of work he creates should have a story to tell or a message to send out. He strives to stay true to his materials and be honest in methods of construction. Finally, he perfects each piece with his meticulousness and his attention to detail, as his goal is to have his piece to be able to withstand the test of time.

His goals are to become an inspiration and a positive influence for others, through teaching, learning, and growing. He wishes to continue to excel in his field, and most importantly, to continue making beautiful things.

1Benmu is now partnered with Muchi Design.

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